Mikkel Aaland

"It's All An Adventure"

All my projects, WHICH I ORGANIZE OR DIRECT, are adventures and some become books or videos. I am currently working on three very exciting projects.  Sauna Aid is a multi-country initiative sponsored by the International Sauna Association. Its mission is to provide portable sauna facilities and supportive services to people affected by natural and man-made disasters.  Naked Sweat is a follow-up to my book Sweat and Síofra’s Story, is a photo novella set in present day Ireland and 19th century America which explores the ways our ancestors' experiences shape our identities and our very understanding of reality. Understandably, one of the main "characters" is an Irish sweat house.

My family doesn't like when I call them a project, but they are of the most important project in my life and without them all my other projects are of little significance.


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